22 August 2019

R&D Agreement between UBA and Sociedad Rural Argentina

R&D cooperation agreement signed between the University of Buenos Aires and the Argentine Rural Society.

The R&D agreement was signed on Thursday, July 25, by the Rector of the UBA Prof. Dr. Alberto Barbieri and the President of the SRA Ing. Agr. Daniel Pelegrina.

The Secretary of Science and Technology Dr. Aníbal Cofone and of International Relations Dr. Gabriel Capitelli, the deans of Veterinary Sciences Dr. Alejo Pérez Carrera and Architecture Architect Guillermo Cabrera, for the Argentine Rural Society, attended the event at the UBA Dr. Juan José Grigera Naón and Ing. Agr. Fernando Canosa and by UBATEC the President Dr. Lorenzo Basso and the General Manager Eduardo Avelleira.

uba y sra firma de convenio