11 May 2020

Ubatec continues its work from virtual channels

Ubatec within the framework of quarantine and social, preventive and mandatory isolation due to the impact of COVID19, has kept its offices closed but continues with an intense work of Management and its staff through virtual channels.

The Project Administration Management continues with:


  • Help Desk, mesadeayudainvestigador@ubatec.uba.ar
  • the management of procedures through the interactive software RED UBATEC
  • meetings with project leaders through videoconferences
  • access to regulations, documents and forms through the website
  • payments by bank transfer
  • the procedures inherent to the execution with the financing organisms



The Technology Linkage Management continues with:


  • personalized attention to projects through email and / or Google Meet
  • billing, collections and payments in the times of our normal activity
  • the authorization of processes through digital signatures, allowing renditions before organizations such as FONTAR, IDB or the European Commission as well as new agreements with national and international companies
  • advising researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the project formulation process, as well as evaluating their potential transfer
  • Technological searches through CATI UBATEC (Technology and Innovation Support Centers).


The Financial Administration and Legal Affairs Management, as well as the General Management, will continue as before with all the necessary support to enable these achievements.


We hope to return to our offices as soon as the current restrictive measures are lifted.