25 October 2021

Torre Juana and the University of Buenos Aires will develop joint projects in Europe



Torre Juana and the University of Buenos Aires will develop joint projects in Europe



ALICANTE. Ubatec, the Technological Linkage Unit of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Torre Juana Open Space Technology of Alicante, have today formalized an agreement between both institutions for the development of joint collaboration projects in Europe. Ubatec and Torre Juana OST have agreed to form a new limited partnership, which will start operating as of March 1, 2022, for the development of new business units. The presentation of the agreement was held in Madrid and was attended by the rector of the University of Buenos Aires, Alberto Edgardo Barbieri, on behalf of Ubatec, and, on the part of Torre Juana OST, its founder Andrés Pedreño.

The agreement between the two institutions that aims at four major areas aimed at enhancing the presence in Europe of Ubatec and the University of Buenos Aires: the joint search for financing or subsidies through specialized vehicles both in Spain and Europe and in international markets ; explore proposals and projects to collect applicable funds promoted from the EU; explore all the potential of national and international commercialization in products and the transfer of technology in general in common agreement with Ubatec and explore all the joint development lines with the universities that may be related and that the project fosters.

In the words of Alberto E. Barbieri, rector of the UBA, “these international projects that we promote through Ubatec, our Technology Transfer Unit, are strategic since they not only contribute to the internationalization of our University but, fundamentally, to improve our capacity to generate knowledge, technology and innovation by partnering with international reference centers “.


Alberto Edgardo Barbieri y Andrés Perreño


As the Technological Liaison Agency of the University of Buenos Aires, Ubatec projects its teaching and research potential in an operational way in the technological areas of the UBA, the largest university in Argentina, considered one of the most prestigious institutions in America and the world. Ubatec coordinates more than 1000 research projects related to science and technology-based projects likely to evolve into startup companies and in the near future the possibility of spin off.

Andrés Pedreño, founder of Torre Juana OST (and with extraordinary experience in the university world, former rector of the UA, former CEO of Universia), pointed out the relevance of the agreement for Spain and Europe. “The UBA is a global university, very competitive internationally in many areas of research and technology transfer, with assets in research, technologies and services that are extraordinarily competitive throughout the world. The agreement allows exploring the full potential of collaboration, from Spain with other Spanish and European universities, to promote the development of joint startups and the transfer of technology in very competitive sectors of the future. The possibility of hybridizing some research fields at the UBA with Artificial Intelligence, linked to various areas of knowledge opens up many avenues interesting cooperation “.

“Our participation in projects such as 1,070 km Hub (network of nodes in 9 Spanish provinces of the Southern Mediterranean Arc) LUAFound, and the mobility network of national and international spaces connected with Torre Juana Open Space Technology see in UBATEC and the project that we develop a great active in promoting technological development and scalability of knowledge companies, “adds Pedreño.