30 January 2020

The CONSENS Project closes its first year of work

These are the results of the first year of work of the CONSENS Project. You can access the newsletter at: http://www.consensproject.org/docs/boletin1.html


Ubatec participates in the CONSENS Project, funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union, which seeks to strengthen the internationalization of postgraduate courses and training in skills. The project is coordinated by the UBA and institutions from Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, France and Italy participate.

Its objective is to strengthen the internationalization of postgraduates in Latin America and establish higher education practices for training in the skills required by today’s world.


Para mayor información sobre el Proyecto CONSENS los invitamos a visitar su sitio web: http://www.consensproject.org/



CONSENS - UBATEC en Barcelona