15 July 2022

Pope Francis and Rector Barbieri agreed to continue promoting technical education in Argentina

On Thursday, July 14, Pope Francis received, in a private audience at the Pontifical Palace, the rector Alberto Barbieri, and they talked about the general social problems that the country is going through and, in particular, about the situation of education.


Francisco expressed his support for the work being carried out at the University of Buenos Aires in the implementation of technical schools, an issue that Barbieri had already addressed a few days ago with the Italian Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi.


Before saying goodbye, Francisco congratulated Barbieri for his management at the head of the UBA and for his decision not to stand for re-election as rector, despite being able to do so legally. He stressed that in this way the example is provided to youth and society of not perpetuating themselves in power and promoting democratic alternation.




papa Francisco y el rector Barbieri