11 October 2019

Lithium Seminar: industrial and strategic collaboration between Italy and Argentina

In the Arenales building of the University of Buenos Aires the Lithium seminar was carried out: industrial and strategic collaboration between Italy and Argentina, focused on cooperation projects and scientific research and organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Argentina and the Center Italo-Argentinian High Studies of the UBA.

The FAAM company will develop a significant investment in the province of Jujuy for the manufacture of state-of-the-art lithium batteries. In this way, the objective of adding value to the production of natural resources is achieved by generating jobs and also promoting the development of research with national scientists.

On behalf of the University of Buenos Aires, Dr. Ernesto Calvo’s dissertation was presented, which clearly presented the advances made in the applications of lithium as a fundamental member in the manufacture of batteries.

Mr. Giuseppe Manzo, the Minister of Economic Development and Production of the Province of Jujuy CPN Juan Carlos Abud Robles, the President of CIAAE – UBA Dr. Claudio Zin, the President participated in the event of UBATEC SA Dr. Lorenzo R. Basso, the General Manager of UBATEC SA Mr. Eduardo Avelleira and the President of FAAM Dr. Federico Vitali.

Seminario Litio Ubatec