1 October 2019

Granar Group – Improvement of soybeans and other species

Within the framework of the initiatives of the Genomics and Improvement Platform promoted by UBATEC SA, located in the Faculty of Agronomy of the UBA, and continuing with the strategic alliances for the support of the national seed industry as well as the bordering countries, it was signed an agreement with the company Granar Group based in Paraguay to work on the improvement through molecular markers seeking resistance in soybeans and other species to different pests.

The President of said company Agr. Horacio J. Biga, M. Sc. Ernesto Zelarayan, Mercosur Project Leader of the company, as well as the President of UBATEC SA Dr. Lorenzo R. Basso, the General Manager Lic. Eduardo Avelleira, the Director of the Genomics Laboratory Dr. Eduardo Pagano; and the Director of Linking of the Platform, Dr. Miguel Rapela .

Foto de Granar Group en Ubatec SA

Ernesto Zelarayan – Horacio J. Biga – Lorenzo R. Basso – Eduardo Avelleira – Miguel Rapela

Foto de Granar group y el presidente de Ubatec sa

Agr. Horacio J. Biga and Dr. Lorenzo R. Basso signing the agreement