21 April 2022

Agreement with the General Administration of Ports S.E. (AGP)

On Tuesday, April 19, we signed an agreement with the General Administration of Ports S.E. (AGP). Last generation technology will be installed to serve the infrastructure of the Main Navigable Way (VNT). The agreement provides for the installation of radars, antennas, satellites, cameras and satellite buoys in critical steps of the road.

In this way, the monitoring and information flows of the VNT will be modernized, to generate more efficient and safer navigation.


On behalf of the General Administration of Ports, signed his controller, José Beni, while on behalf of the UBA signed César Albornoz, President of UBATEC. Also present were the AGP sub-controller, Patricio Hogan; the General Manager, Marcelo Peyregne; and the Manager of Communication, Institutional Affairs and International Relations, Ariel Deán; while the Vice President, Lorenzo Basso, participated on behalf of UBATEC; the General Manager, Eduardo Avelleria; and the Legal Affairs Manager, Laura Boveris.



administracion general de puertos agp y ubatec sa