3 December 2019


📜✍️On November 26, an agreement between UBATEC and said institution was signed at the National Geographic Institute, which aims to establish links of assistance and cooperation, to encourage the design, promotion and carrying out of activities in order to collaborate in the achievement of the goals of the IGN.

👨‍💻 The activities to be implemented may include advice and technical assistance for studies, analyzes, diagnoses, training sessions, technology transfer and other activities of interest to the IGN that may be provided by UBATEC. 🗂️⚙️📡🛰️📊

Dr. Maria Eugenia Bonfanti and Agrim Sergio Cimbaro participated in the signing for the IGN; on behalf of UBATEC Dr. Lorenzo Basso and Lic. Mariángeles Viqueira. 🤝


El Dr. Lorenzo Basso y el Agrim. Sergio Cimbaro en la firma del convenio entre UBATEC SA y el IGN