28 June 2021

1MillionBot reaches Bs.As. from the hand of Ubatec

The firm 1millionbot and Ubatec begin a relationship to implement virtual assistance in the environment of the University of Buenos Aires. The purpose of the signed agreement is to develop a chatbot linked to queries, responses and activities of the covid-19 and health issues. The knowledge base for the development of the assistant includes the updating and adaptation of more than 700 assets.

In a first stage, this virtual assistant will be implemented in the Hospital de Clínicas of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Later, depending on the possibilities, the implementation could be extended to the fourteen academic units of the University of Buenos Aires. Among them there are thirteen faculties and a Common Basic Cycle.

The key to technology transfer

Ubatec is an organization established in 1991 by the University of Buenos Aires, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Industrial Union and the General Confederation of Industry.

It is dedicated to the provision of innovation management services, technology transfer, technical assistance, administration of research funds, promotion of technology-based ventures, and management of projects and programs aimed at productive development. Of great prestige in Argentina, Ubatec is one of the first linkage and technology transfer units in the country.

A smart solution

1millionbot is a startup from Alicante that is already present, thanks to its chatbots developed with Artificial Intelligence, in about a dozen universities. The University of Jaén, the University of Zaragoza and the University of Murcia have already relied on the intelligent solution proposed by 1millionbot to create virtual assistants to streamline and improve service and contact with citizens.