Consulting services

Analysis, diagnosis and proposals of solutions to problems of the productive sector.

Administration and management of congresses and scientific academic events.

Technical assistance to companies and chambers in various sectors.

Evaluation of investment projects in national and international level.

Proposals of social responsibility actions; support for the commitments in the processes of social and labor development.


Some previous consultancies :

  • Foresight of the Biotechnical Sector up to 2030 for the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Studies of development of agricultural establishments in a large scale: Formosa case, Santiago del Estero case/ Corea.
  • Studies of “ The social and economic impact on the Argentine market of fruit juices” for the Argentine wine corporation.
  • UNaLab Project. Consortium of 27 european institutions, 2 from Hong Kong and Ubatec for Argentine. Horizon 2020, area: Smart and Sustainable cities.
  • Environmental impact  auditions, effluent  treatment s, pharmaceutical laboratories.

Projects Formulation:

Presentation and formulation of innovating projects for firms and institutions before scientific and technical financing entities.

Elaboration and assistance for the development of business plans.

We have made projects for various financial entities, among them: