Consejo Asesor Empresario (Business Advisory Board)

Ubatec has created a Business Advisory Board that reunites the CEO’s of the companies known to be leaders for their knowledge of economy.

  • aca
  • agd
  • argencon
  • armoni
  • bago
  • basso
  • bgh
  • bioceres
  • CNEA
  • donmario
  • fecovita
  • gador
  • granja-tres-arrollos
  • insud
  • los-grobos
  • Lucci
  • micro
  • sade sa logo

At the same time, the members make decisions within the companies. Between other actions promoting:

  • Easing connections between companies and scientifics.
  • Organization of scientific workshops.
  • Creating “think tanks” with the aim of analyzing new avenues for science and companies.


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