From the Linkage and Technological Transfer area of Ubatec we foster and accompany management processes of innovation and technological transfer throught the formulation, incubation and acceleration of I+D+I projects.


Ubatec, in its role as UVT, carries out actions to promote innovation and enhance knowledge. It seeks to bring these developments and capacities closer to both the public sector and the national, regional and international productive sectors.


In the same sense, we provide solutions to the demands and needs of various sectors.


    • Company Services:
      • Assistance in the formulation of projects that aim to improve productive and commercial actions.
      • Proposals for solutions to technological demands through the capabilities of the University of Buenos Aires.
      • Comprehensive management of R + D + i projects.
    • Services to the public sector:
      • Regulatory advice.
      • Strengthening public policies in science, technology and innovation.
      • Professional and technical consultancies.
      • Detection of international financing.
      • Solutions to social demands that must be addressed from the public sector.
      • Link with the scientific-technological field
    •  Incubation and Acceleration of science-technology-based companies:
      • Advice on financing instruments in the field of technological development.
      • Tutoring for innovative ventures.
      • Advice on business models
      • Analysis of the feasibility of creating a Technology-Based Company
      • Legal and accounting advice.
    •  Services to researchers and professionals of the Scientific and Technological System:
      • Management of scientific-academic events.
      • Collaboration in project formulation.
      • Scalability analysis and project protection.
      • Administrative management of projects.
      • Advice on business models.
    • Trainings:
      • Training courses on linkage and transfer issues.
      • Seminars on Protection of research results.
      • Training for project managers.