Following an initiative of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), these centers are being formed in several countries. In Argentina, the coordinator of this Network is the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

The CATI Network is made up of institutions with experience in managing technological innovation, including UBATEC. Being part of this network allows direct contact with the INPIwhich facilitates the technological search in national and international databases.

The main objective is to offer quick access to scientific-technological information for researchers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, inventors etc., in order to analyze the state of innovation and thus provide better advice on what is the best protection in innovations in certain areas productive and / or work on the development of an intellectual property strategy.


What services do the CATI Centers provide?


  • Free assistance and guidance services.
  • Search for information contained in free or commercial patent databases.
  • Search for information contained in free or commercial databases of scientific and technical publications (literature other than patent).
  • Advisory tools in relation to the innovation process, from the conception of an idea to the possible commercialization of the product.
  • Guidance on intellectual property management (licensing, technology transfer, drafting and patent applications).


Value-added tariff services


  • Search State of the art. Access an overview of the level of technical development of a particular technology sector before developments occur.
  • Search Novelty or patentability. Verify if an idea or invention is new or inventive and, in this way, determine if it is worth submitting a patent application (evaluation of patentability criteria), as well as obtaining ideas for drafting patent applications.
  • Search Validity of a patent. Confirm the validity of a patent, that is, its legal strength in case there is interest in acquiring a license to exploit a patent or the acquisition or investment in a specific technology.
  • Search Freedom of operation and commercialization of products and processes. Recognize the patents of a particular sector that are not protected at the national level or that have entered into the public domain and that can be freely exploited.
  • Technology monitoring (technological surveillance). Regularly supervise innovation activities in a specific technology sector or follow the technical developments that occur in other sectors.


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