30 March 2021

UBA pays tribute to Alberto Boveris

“Integration and cooperation in academic, scientific and technology transfer issues far exceed competitive or confrontational evolution; and they constitute the collaborative growth that can occur in the university and its institutes both in the intellectual and ethical aspect as well as in the pragmatic one ”Alberto Boveris, 1999

The Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry will bear his name. Boveris was dean of the Faculty for 16 years, vice-rector of the University of Buenos Aires and president of UBATEC in two terms.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry will propose, to the Superior Council of the UBA, the new name of the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (IBIMOL), as “Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Prof. Alberto Boveris”, who died a year ago.

The creation of the Institute was the intellectual, ethical and pragmatic expression of Boveris’ personal values ​​and his idea of ​​what scientific development and academic excellence should be. It was precisely the assessment of scientific integrity that he transmitted that motivated María Inés Vaccaro, current director of IBIMOL, to propose this tribute to Professor Boveris, incorporating his name in the name of the Institute.

Alberto Boveris was a pharmacist, biochemist and PhD from the University of Buenos Aires. In the scientific area, his research in the field of biochemistry, biophysics and medicine represent an invaluable contribution to the knowledge of the processes where oxygen and nitrogen free radicals participate, represented by more than 300 publications in scientific journals of the highest level. These studies are currently applied to research on the etiology, progression, and treatment of metabolic, cardiac, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Boveris had extensive experience in university policy and management, holding positions as Academic Secretary. Subsequently, he was Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry for 16 years and Vice Chancellor of the University of Buenos Aires. He was one of the main drivers of the transfer of Technology from the university to the government and the company, an activity that began in 1986, being Secretary of Scientific and Technological Promotion of the UBA and that later he finalized with the constitution of UBATEC in the year 1991, of which he was president on two occasions (1998-2003 and 2008-2012).

Alberto Boveris has been one of the Argentine scientists with the highest number of publications and the highest volume of citations in the scientific publications of other colleagues around the world, which is why he received the Scopus Prize in 2007

His contributions in the scientific area represent a notable contribution to knowledge. He was a pioneer in the field of the study of oxidative stress and damage in Argentina, and has trained numerous researchers on this subject who are currently following the development of their lines of work at the UBA and other institutions,

Professor Boveris was, in 2017, distinguished as Outstanding Personality in Science, Technology and Education by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires.